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Lessons Learned

This past year, I’ve received a lot of positive feedback from my speaking, advisory, and coaching sessions. Many people have asked to learn more about my frameworks, and it was hard for me since there wasn’t something easy to share. 

This blog will cover the battle-tested lessons that I’ve learned from being an entrepreneur with multiple times at bat. I hope that my principled approach will provide guidance to the many leaders who need it.

About the Author

I am a serial entrepreneur, business executive, and startup advisor with 15+ years of experience building zero-to-one products.

Presently, I’m the CEO & Co-Founder of Doorstead, a full-service, digitally-driven property management company that eliminates uncertainty by guaranteeing market rents, caps on vacancy, and cash flow.

In three-and-a-half years from inception, we went from $0 to $40m in venture funding, $7M ARR, and scaled an operationally intensive organization with 150 full-time teammates. We did all this while guaranteeing the results of our service, maintaining healthy unit economics, and surviving multiple macroeconomic cycles.

Prior to Doorstead, I founded a social cooking community featured by Apple as a “Best New App” and “App of the Day” ; co-founded and operationalized a performance marketing company that reached 30M revenue per year; and bootstrapped a profitable mobile gaming company with over 800M games played.

In my spare time, I coach CEOs and help them navigate uncertainty, build clarity, and achieve their goals. In this process, I’ve directly and indirectly helped dozens of businesses go from zero to one.

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Articles and essays from one entrepreneur to another.


Serial entrepreneur, business exec & startup advisor. Raised $40M+ VC, co-founded $30M/yr mktg co, bootstrapped profitable mobile gaming co (800m+ games). Advised half-dozen startups to >$1M revenue. UC Berkeley EE/CS & Psychology; CMU Robotics.